Hotel excelsior

Exhibitions and Events

The hotel has always hosted exhibitions by local, national and international artists.

We provide the artists, their curators or gallery owners, a big bright and stylish space, the American Bar Hall, frequented by our Italian and international guests and the loyal customers of the bar and the restaurant.

Over the years we have hosted many painters and sculptors, including: Agostino Cancogni, Francesco Cremoni, Maura Jasoni, Roberto Domina, Antonio Barberi, Antonio Sidibè, Alessandro Santoro, Patrizia Magnifico, Renato Guttuso, Giorgio De Chirico, Riccardo Luchini, Lucilla Gattini, Marisa Belima, Pier Francesco Restelli, Dariush Taife, Piero Scandura, Giovanni Chiapello, Rita Vinazzani.

Francesco Cremoni : permanent exhibition
Roberto Domina: permanent exhibition

All works are on sale; free admission

For information on the availability of dates and spaces: